NBA Draft Lottery 2018: Start Time, TV Channel, Live Stream

NBA Draft 2018

Half of the league has something at stake Tuesday night in the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery. Fifteen teams will tune into ESPN at 7:30 p.m. EDT to find out if they will end up with one of the top selections in June’s draft, though only a few teams have a realistic chance of getting the No.1 overall pick.

The Phoenix Suns have the best chance of getting the first pick, followed by the Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks. The Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic are in the mix, while teams like the Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings and New York Knicks are long shots to get one of the first few selections.

It isn’t just the league’s worst teams that have a lot on the line Tuesday night. Because of multiple trades, some of the NBA’s best teams, including the teams that will square off in the Eastern Conference Finals, can earn a top pick in the lottery. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers need some luck to get the No.1 pick, and the Boston Celtics have an outside chance to get the No.2 or No.3 overall pick.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ pick will go to Philadelphia if it falls between No.6 and No.14 or somehow ends up at No.1. Boston gets the selection on the off chance that L.A. gets the No.2 or No.3 pick.

The Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers are both in the lottery, but Los Angeles will likely end up with both selections because of this season’s Blake Griffin trade. Detroit only gets to keep their pick if it falls within the top-three, and there’s only a 2.5 percent chance of that happening.

Tuesday’s lottery in Chicago will decide the draft’s first three picks. Picks four through 14 will be determined by the remaining teams’ regular-season records.

Adam Silver NBA NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks during the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft at Barclays Center on June 22, 2017 in New York City. Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

A live stream of the lottery can be seen with WatchESPN. It will end before the Celtics host the Cavaliers in Game 2 of their playoff series.

Here’s a look at each team’s odds for what pick they might end up with in the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery:

Phoenix Suns: 1st (25%) 2nd (21.48%) 3rd (17.73%) 4th (35.79%)

Memphis Grizzlies: 1st (19.9%) 2nd (18.79%) 3rd (17.077%) 4th (31.86%) 5th (12.38%)

Dallas Mavericks: 1st (13.8%) 2nd (14.25%) 3rd (14.54%) 4th (23.83%) 5th (29.04%), 6th (4.54%)

Atlanta Hawks: 1st (13.7%) 2nd (14.16%) 3rd (14.48%) 4th (8.51%) 5th (32.35%) 6th (15.54%), 7th (1.26%)

Orlando Magic: 1st (8.8%) 2nd (9.64%) 3rd (10.65%) 5th (26.24%) 6th (35.9%) 7th (8.4%) 8th (0.37%)

Chicago Bulls: 1st (5.3%) 2nd (6.02%) 3rd (6.96%) 6th (44.02%) 7th (33.05%) 8th (4.53%) 9th (0.12%)

Sacramento Kings: 1st (5.3%) 2nd (6.02%) 3rd (6.96%) 7th (57.29%) 8th (22.62%) 9th (1.77%) 10th (0.03%)

Cleveland Cavaliers (via Brooklyn Nets): 1st (2.8%) 2nd (3.26%) 3rd (3.88%) 8th (72.49%) 9th (16.77%) 10th (0.8%) 11th (0.01%)

New York Knicks: 1st (1.7%) 2nd (2%) 3rd (2.4%) 9th (81.34%) 10th (12.18%) 11th (0.38%) 12th (0.00%)

Philadelphia 76ers (via Los Angeles Lakers): 1st (1.1%) 10th (86.98%) 11th (8.86%) 12th (0.18%) 13th (0.00%)

Boston Celtics: 2nd (1.3%) 3rd (1.57%)

Charlotte Hornets: 1st (0.8%) 2nd (0.95%) 3rd (1.15%) 11th (90.75%) 12th (6.27%) 13th (0.08%) 14th (0.00%)

Detroit Pistons: 1st (0.7%) 2nd (0.83%) 3rd (1.01%)

Los Angeles Clippers: 1st (0.6%) 2nd (0.71%) 3rd (0.87%) 12th (93.54%) 13th (99.93%) 14th (1.81%)

Denver Nuggets: 1st (0.5%) 2nd (0.59%) 3rd (0.72%) 14th (98.18%)